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Fandifi enables you to find your Personal Fan Community and engage with likeminded people as never before.


Find friends and rivals to discuss and compete with on your favorite fan topics in real time as you watch and engage in events happening the world over


Settle the score once and for all by engaging with impassioned communities around the globe and see if you can make a name for yourself with in play rewards!

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Upcoming Live Events

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The ESL Pro league finals are coming to Malta. Featuring the best teams from EU, NA, SA, Asian & Oceanic conferences. Who have spent...

Esports /


ESL Challenger Melbourne 2023 will feature up to 8 of Oceania's best CS:GO Teams. Who are fighting for a confirmed place in the ESL...

Esports /

CS:GO Parris Major brings together the best teams from around the world for one of the biggest events of the year. with regional invitational qualifiers,...
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Live prediction platform for Sports, gaming events

Fandifi revolutionizes fan engagement! Our platform is designed for creators and fans, providing a deeper connection with live content. We have the leading fan engagement prediction technology that recognizes and rewards the biggest and wisest fans. Turn casual viewing into an immersive experience by becoming a part of the action and competing with other fans in support of your favorite content creator or team. Join the league of Superfans on Fandifi and make every minute of content engaging.


Fandifi offers fans the unique chance to engage with their favorite real-time events through its intuitive platform. It allows users to make pre-event and real-time predictions that contribute to their overall fan score, providing them with the opportunity to earn points and rewards within their communities of likeminded fans.


Think the Packers are gonna make a fourth-quarter comeback? Reckon you see something in that rogue American Idol entrant that no-one else does? Think Gen. G will get more than 50 assists in their latest League of Legends match-up? 


Join the Fandifi community and take your fandom to the next level. With our innovative social engagement tool and cutting-edge technology, you’ll experience live content like never before. So why wait? Join the league of Superfans today and become part of the action!

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