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Live streaming is relatively new and has only gained popularity around the 2010s. New to some generations and seamlessly easier to watch with new platforms risings. was one of the first that later became that we know today. This was then bought by Amazon in 2014. Outstanding for a major corporation to be buying a company that started in 2006.

A lot of new innovations have been made since then and so have Esports with more tournaments and bigger rewards being offered for pro teams around the world. Dota 2 is one that set a record for the biggest payout. We will most likely see more records broken as fanbases get bigger with new fans from newer generations. With more people watching Esports means that more people will be looking for other platforms better communities and more interaction to keep them entertained while getting rewarded for this.

One of Amazon’s main ways to support live streamers was with Amazon Prime which allowed Prime users to give donations from just having the subscription to help support whoever they were watching which was seen as quite an innovative way of interacting with live streamer to fans. This is the same with the donations option that was then later added to Twitch but has since got more and more use and doesn’t offer most interaction with big esports tournaments.

Watch Esports as a Team

Meet Fandifi™ Player, Fandifi is one of the newest platforms and ways for fans to watch esports with fellow fans. It uses userbase interactions that are driven by AI questions and teamwork that brings you and your team together. There are predictions on each livestream that can be made by stats such as ‘’most assists’’, ‘’most kills’’ and more. Predict, Play, and get rewarded.

When joining stream you will have the option to choose which side you are on for the esports match and made predictions, add modifiers, block modifiers from the opposite team and even cheer for the team you are watching that helps a progress battle bar against your team.

With each prediction won or lost you are given points which you can use. With each attack against the other team, it helps prevent them from getting any more points. Like you can make questions for the other team to predict, and they too can do the same but there are options like break question to prevent this.

Host a Fan Event

You can create your own event to engage with your own audience and see who really is your top fan with the leaderboards that show who are the top predictors and top supporters with Fandifi™ Player which gives fans the opportunity to play while these watch and show who are better supporters.

While hosting an event you can create your own questions that are led in with AI questions to go entail with the game that is being played and can schedule an upcoming event for others to look out for when they are scrolling through live streams for the esports game chosen.

Bringing more control to the fans and allowing them to make some fun while showing who is the better team.

How Fandifi Engages Fans

Fandifi brings new ways to watch esports and other live streamers with engaging questions and a trivia-like way of competing against other teams guessing stats, wins, and more in game. This gives fans control in adding more options when it comes to watching a live stream.

On each stream, there is a game bar with options to choose from with a score bar. You can cheer for your team which adds to the bar or answer questions that also add to this number while adding things like modifiers that can be earned throughout the live stream.

You can block the opposite teams’ modifiers and questions and act as a team when it comes to showing it supports which esports team the most. You can earn energy or buy energy to help your team and earn as a way of winning these streams. Fandifi looks to bring a new and modern outlook to live streaming while keeping the fans supporting the teams they like the most.

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