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League of Leagues also known as LoL is one, if not the most popular esports game that provides competitive matches in what is known as a MOBA also known as a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

This esports has steadily become the most known esports competitive game to watch. League of Legends has had some nail-biting plays or clutches you may have heard of that might have made you want to watch LoL esports.

The player base and fanbase of League of Legends is massive and this has led to a great number of views on the streaming platforms making it become the most popular esports game to watch.

With a large amount of backing, you may be a slight bit confused about where is best to watch LoL esports or how to watch esports if you are new to live streaming. This should give you a quick insight into where to look when it comes to wanting to watch League of Legends esports.

How to Watch LoL Esports

The first thing you want to make sure of is that you have the following:

  • Stable and fast internet connection
  • Registered account to the platform you are using to stream
  • Find the LoL esports stream, such as Riot Games
  • Find your League, depending on regional tournaments
  • Sit back and enjoy!

Pick Your League

Depending on whether you live in Europe, North America, or any other place around the world you will notice that there is not just one League in LoL. There are numerous leagues darted around the world. Each has a massive fanbase and one of the most profound is in Korea.

These leagues battle in tournaments you may have heard of, such as  League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL), League of Legends Oceania Pro League (OPL), or World Championship which typically is at the end of each year. We would recommend that you have a look at the LoL esports Youtube channel to start off if you have only started getting into League of Legends.

According to a 2017 report by SuperData for the esports industry. There were 1.6 million hours that peopled watched LoL esports. 84 million monthly users have been reported to watch LoL esports. This shows an active user base, showing a casual fanbase of LoL. Many watch to observe how esports players, play. 

Twitch – Premier Livestreaming is one the most known and established sites for streaming, essentially the go-to place to watch anything esports related. Either it is live or catch up for later. This is why it is the most renowned platform.

Riot Games has an active massive following on this platform with a list of videos to choose from and clips made of legendary plays.

The Riot Games Twitch channel has over 2 million subscribers, this channel runs special events on a normal basis which tend to have rewards or other competitions, so if you’re watching League of Legends esports. Typically you can only interact with comments and donations.

Youtube Gaming – Most Streamline

There is a range of streams available on Youtube, that is on the Youtube Gaming sections. There are channels you can follow like Riots games and much more.

Every major League of Legends esports event is organized under their banner.

Youtube is the most accessible and easiest for casual fans to tune in and watch their favorite League of Legends competitive eSports tournaments or streamers. There is a very limited amount of options when it comes to Youtube such as interactions but is the most convenient as everyone tends to already have it installed or is known.

Fandifi – Most Interactive

Fandifi is a new and modern take on live streaming. It allows the user to interact with other fans with engagements that you are rewarded with and lets you play a sort of game while watching a game. You are able to join challenges that are AI-driven and get rewarded for the decisions that you have made.

These predictions can be stats bases such as who is going to have the most damage per round simple ones like who will win this round, and you can earn badges such as top fan by engaging in these questions. You can also cheer for your team and this goes up against the rivals’ cheer bar.

You can host your own events with live streams and see who your top fans are along with making your own questions for others to answer which brings up Wagering points. Contributions can progress you on the leaderboard and help against the opposing team with modifiers and modifiers which are seen in the game bar.

Fandifi brings the most engaging and interactive way to watch LoL esports.

LoL Archives

Since there are hundreds of official games each year and you might not have the time to watch them all, there is a record of each of these matches with all the relative stats that you may want to find or have a lookout on any part of the match. These records are held by Riot Games Official.

These stats go into detail on each player’s position, operator, and much more for you to look at. They also keep a record of each team’s standing and where they would have stood previously. Along with this, it will also keep a record of who held the top of this league prior. 

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